ana macarthur
Climate Change -
shifting veils

Finding ourselves in a time where we have "over veiled" the planet preventing the necessary escape of heat, we are being asked to rapidly change to carbon neutral ways. MacArthur's project explores the solving of this problem as two fold: preserving the rainforest of the world, and transforming our actions everywhere else by changing to a low carbon producing lifestyles. Back in the early 70's as a youth MacArthur worked for "energy fairs" in Oregon that were inspired by the birth of solar and designed to rapidly educate around the energy
crisis and concern for what then was called
the greenhouse effect. Early influences from this understanding along with the excitement and beauty of solar possibilities, have stayed as critical threads in MacArthur's work early on. One of the consistent themes in her interest in light over the years has been its relationship to issues of energy generation. Many of the working drawings manifested (1991-2002) and working up to and after "A Journey Through Bui-Bui; Lifting the Purdah of Mal-Illumination" were exploring the deep metaphysical links between the end of peak oil and a changing atmosphere of the planet. An issue not only regarding climate change but a change in the inherent quality of light in many regions on the planet... a larger shift in our relationship to sunlight.
The fast pace of deforestation and burning of rainforest around the world places CO2 emissions from rainforest deforestation as higher then the entire global transport system. Continued
deforestation will drive the entire Amazon to the edge of permanent ecological collapse with in the next 10 -20 years. This collapse would unfold a release of massive amounts of CO2 and thus accelerate climate change.The unfolding layers to MacArthur's Interactive Project: "Amazon Rainforest; na luz equatorial hå ågua" include within its art making activity, components that are both problem solving and educational. For further information on this project and some aspects of MacArthur's previous amazon journeys there will be forthcoming a BLOG announced at this site. MacArthur resisted requests during 2007- 2008 to do a BLOG as she traveled to the Amazon. She believes in the quiet, non- electronic zone that preserves her "sincere listening".