ana macarthur
Real-time interferometry on video, monitor, glass slumping mold, translucent fabric with transfer prints, wood, dichromate hologram (interferogram) on glass, glass water lens, hydrocal plaster, cactus, halogen light

76" x 62" x 20" (1,93 x 1,57 x 0,5 m) screen
Blood of earth

An installation that utilizes the sensitivity of light as a tool to reveal the hidden significance of the role of water within the larger scope of life. A cellularly dimensional screen visually combines objects, text, printed images, a water lens, and interferograms made from laser light and in two forms. Real-time interferometry in video uses the sensitivity of light to detect significant, yet otherwise invisible changes taking place in a ceramic water form manipulated by a subtle amount of water.
The glass water lens implies a magnification, via light, of the profound significance of water's presence. A "light impression" made from laser light of the same flow form, and appearing to have a wavefront moving across it , is actually an interferogram.