ana macarthur
Translucent fabric, transfer prints, water, wood, dichromate holograms on glass, porcelain, halogen light, plaster relief maps, glass, pump

7' x 4' x 6' (2,13 x 1,22 x 1,83 m) fabric structure
E-motion; water - moiré messengers

An installation that focuses on the interrelationship among the physics of water, the physics of light, and psychological traits as analogized by the physics of water. A low trapezoid pool of water has glass spouts that consistently release water drops
creating wavefronts which travel towards the center, where, under water exist two dichromate holograms of cracked dried earth. A light source projects, from water waves, wavefronts of light onto the fabric structure and beyond to surrounding walls. Faces of various racial types from diverse water bio-regions are faintly appear on the sides
of the tent. Integrated into this work is the theory that man's archetypal knowledge of water and light is similarly encoded in the limbic system of all races.