ana macarthur
Pulse ruby laser transmission holograms on silver film, glass, laser illuminated. Variations of sizes approx. 24" x 20" (61 x 50,80 cm)
Hijab / Suite 1

A series of pulse ruby laser transmission holograms made with dancer and Dance Meditation pioneer Dunya McPherson. There were several suites produced. One set of multiples captured a body in motion and illuminated by ruby laser light, attempting to move from the limits of the veil, as if morphing from a cocoon. In doing so a few images capture interferometric fringes, a particular holographic phenomena that records minute changes and captures time. In another suite, a figure revealed through the veil holds mudra hand postures along with objects, that gesture towards past and future modes of energy generation. A glass hologram of a photo-voltaic solar cell, and held at the the energy generating center of the body, is again captured and recorded with laser light. The later suite uses the veil as a metaphor for a changing atmosphere contributing to climate change.