ana macarthur
Real-time interferometry on video, monitors, fiber optics, translucent porcelain, translucent fabric, roofing paper, paint, screen, glass, dichromate holograms, candle, water, fan, flint

1000 sq ft. (92,9 m²)installation with three rooms constructed, Room: 25 ft. x 27 ft. (7,62 x 8,23 m)

A light touch; on the future of mapping back into moiréd memory

Room 3: Each column of gossamer fabric, illuminated inside by video light, elaborates on one of the four, water, air, earth, ... and is accompanied by a porcelain object symbolic of the particular element. Each porcelain object was in turn manipulated with the appropriate element as the "real-time interferometry" was recorded on video. An interferogram is the product of a first hologram recording the microscopic typography of the object, and the second hologram which notes any change.
Thus the changes are revealed as bands of dark and light seen on the ceramic object in the video. Creating a fluid transformation of fringe patterns, these videos are the result of multiple holograms being made at the frequency of 30 a second. In essence this uses light's wavelength to sense the subtle effects of the elements... creating a sensual re-presentation of a universal language.