ana macarthur
Archival print scroll 42" x 15 ft (1,06 x 4,57 m), suspended hand lenses, dichromate hologram, paraffin wax, LED's, digital photos on
translucent paper, DVD, 2 part 5ft. diameter mold of plaster and silicon on wood portions of shipping crate

Variable installation space
Where light meets water;
Mumuru on the equator, T12a


This installation is focused around the display of a 5 ft. (1,52 m) diameter mold of the victoria amazonica, the worlds largest water lily from the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. As an ongoing extensive project, the first phase of the project involved making a successful mold of one of the large lily pads, on site in the Amazon. On one surrounding wall a 15 ft. (4,57 m) scroll poetically chronicles a portion of the two trips and six attempts to make a successful mold of this large organism. It portrays the rich context of a bioregion that is extremely vital for what it produces biologically and yet is presently under great threat of changes in its balance via the reciprocal effects of deforestation and climate change.

A small object with a dichromate hologram of a solar cell draws report with the nearby impression of the giant leaf and the fact that solar cells were inspired by the ingenuity of a leaf to transform sunlight into usable energy. A series of small shelves with translucent wax impressions from the complex buttressed underside of the lily pad are back lit with two colors, per shelf, of LED lights representing, through linear time, the most pronounced frequencies of the sun's radiation effecting the plants growth as it transforms. A continuous loop DVD in an enclosed room provides contextualization of influences in a slowed down, pixelated, aural portrayal of the primordial edges of the Amazon River.