ana macarthur
Flagstone, 18" (45,72 cm)circular dichromate holograms, motors, hydrocal plaster, dcg holograms on glass, steel, patina, glass lense, halogen lights

Dimensions variable, table 3' x 5' x 9"
(91 x 152 x 22,86 cm)
Necessary pupils for climate change
Variation 1, 2002

This installation reflects on the changes in earth's atmosphere, ensuing global climate change, as a ‘veil‘, of sorts, concealing the planet.
Under this veil three million species face radical change, putting us in the midst of the 4th greatest extinction cycle in the history of the planet, and due significantly to practices unleashed by the industrial revolution and our dependence on fossil fuels. Five objects on a table have references to the pupil of the eye and are embedded with a glass lenses, cornea shaped, magnifying a holographic copy of a portion of a biological specimen.

In a moment of speculation, there is a reflection on what species are nearing extinction, and, with a near-by glass book, suggestions towards the significance of protecting this library of knowledge. Appearing as pools of water in flagstone slabs on the floor, circular holograms turning by hidden motors perplex as to how they generate the ephemeral spectrum, as if slow moving search lights, they circumnavigate the room and cross over the pupils housing the biological specimens.