Pollinator Concentrator

Credits: The Pollinator Concentrator installation sited at the Taos Land Trust’s Rio Fernando Park, resulted from... ,

…….. a collaboration that involved many participants, organizations and businesses working in cooperation with the artist. She expresses much gratitude for the interesting and generous individuals that came forward to contribute bringing this installation and project to fruition.

Gratitude towards all contributors to this project:

Agnes Chavez, STEMarts Lab, for the invitation as the first artist in the BioSTEAM program to create a project for the Taos Land Trust site, and teach STEAM to TISA middle school students; great integrity, enthusiasm, team work and wonderful communication around all aspects of this lengthy project.

Taos Land Trust (TLT), Kristina Ortez, Executive Director. Fiscal sponsor, collaborator with STEMarts Lab, host organization

Ben Wright, Taos Land Trust, Education and Land Projects Coordinator, enthusiastic environmental educator and supportive coordinator managing the YCC crew and many other aspects of the install on site

Juniper Manley, formerly at Taos Land Trust, Project lead in phase one, envisioning stage to create the site-specific installation, generous supplier of environmental assessment master planning and data already undertaken for TLT

Mark Goldman, UNM Construction Technology Chair and students Jesse Riggs, Stephen Herrera, built and installed parabolic dish, along with assistance from artist, and with proficient skill, experimental techniques, and hard labor.

Daniel Torres, UNM construction advisor to artist, and participant in Mark Goldman class above

Jim Scheetz, Engineer Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products, advisor, and company donations

Mike Balistreri, bat biologist for Rio Fernando Park, TLT, advisor, donation of Anabat II

David Ham, Electronics UV lighting built and installed, from artist’s design

Enrico Trujillo, Electronics UV lighting, programing for bat visualization/ interactivity, from artist’s design

Dominic Riolo and Taos Native Plant Society, Riolo developed first landscape design inspired by original concepts of artist, respecting her vision, and collaborated with the plant society, designing garden plantings based on artist design

Susannah Gelb and Angelika Heikaus, Landscaping design (final version) based on artist drawings.

David Klein, Sealant for tiles

Juanito Salinas, Tile setter

Youth Conservation Corps, Earth work

Ace Hardware Taos, In-kind contributions for landscaping materials

Joel Glanzberg, Permaculture designer, early advice on artist’s conceptual designs regards water collection/ management before submitting original plans to TLT

The BioSTEAM Youth Program is made possible by the following generous sponsors: LANL Foundation, Fasken Foundation, John and Janet Mockoviack, Taos Community Foundation, Andrea Szekeres, Tom Greenbaum