Miriam Sagan’s Poetry Yard, Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, USA, September 30 2022 - October 2 2022: Pop-Up exhibition and fundraiser for Ecoartspace.
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9ft diameter; Digital archival prints of insects (some pollinators), pressed northern New Mexico flora, plexiglass tiles, text, glass marbles, o-rings, chalk, cushions, cement pad.

A poetic board game played to somatically integrate awareness toward protection and increased propagation of the ‘class insecta’ and more specifically pollinators. Within actions of the player, empathy increases thus clarifying human behaviors that impinge or expand the diversity of this decreasing family of partially invisible creatures….some appearing in the full light of the sun and others in its absence, at night. The flora and insect photographs were collected through field exploration and walks through the terrain of northern New Mexico.