Photon-synthesis for ‘Half-Earth’

Wilderness Acts, Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve, Axle Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 2014
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This ephemeral work gives honor to EO Wilson’s ‘Half- Earth’, which proposes we think bigger and set aside 50% of the earth’s bio-regions and diversity in permanent protection, while connecting these island areas with corridors which would allow species to roam. This site-specific exhibition was defined by using only organic material from the site. I choose the cottonwood leaf as an energy collection unit for a tree, and equally stirring thoughts of plant sugars as energy. The leaf generates thoughts of suspending/ floating, and the issue of fragility of materials, fragility of species. The delicate mobile disappears camouflaged only until a subtle wind blows and reveals the floating leaf canopies. Words punctured by holes in the canopies write in light, leaving a light record across a matt, also US map, of cattails. Both trees and photosynthesis themselves are equivalent to bioregional areas supporting a multitude of species.

Accompanying the site-specific outdoor exhibit, Axle’s truck (gallery) parked near the Preserve so as to display the artists additional flatwork curated for the show.

“Untitled”, laser photogram with light through decay holes in a cottonwood leaf, DCG hologram on glass of cottonwood tree bark, cottonwood leaf, 20” x 24”.