Pollinator Concentrator

Installation: A site-specific interspecies installation as part of the BioSTEAM, STEMarts program for the Taos Land Trust, and sited at Rio Fernando Park; situated on Taos Pueblo indigenous land , Taos, NM, USA, 2019 – 2020.
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10 ft. dia. parabolic dish, made of GFRC concrete, pole 7’ 3” h. functioning as sundial, blue glass dish at top, cement tiles of 9 New Mexico pollinator species dyed a range of blues, UV lighting on circumference, landscaping of gravel, crusher fines, and metal edging, river rock moat, flagstone steps, arch garden of native plants, water collection and conservation system with pumice wick buried under arch garden to store rain water, snow melt coming from drain in center of parabolic, electric box with electronics to manipulate UV lights, hand held bat monitor and temporary UV light fixture for top of pole (both unseen- for events).